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To all who have visited this site; a hearty welcome to you! Now you're here you have probably noticed that none of my buttons works. Hey! You're lucky I even managed to ADD the darned things!

Please bear with me while my website is under construction. Technology isn't my thing and I'm finding the combined efforts of fear and procrastination totally rules me right now. But, I assure you, pretty soon this will look like a totally legit site that offers readers the chance to sign-up for my newsletter.

Until then please admire my buttons and read some more about me! :)

I'm a dreamer, a slacker, and I'm nearly always inspired by someone or something somewhere. I live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. It's stunning vista after stunning vista in these parts, and I'm insanely grateful to call this place home. Gracie and Siegfried are my two black (of course) moggies, and I hold a preternatural amount of love for these silly fuzz-balls. Despite my familiars, I can't craft spells like the characters in my books. I do believe in the magic of our shared universe though. It's true that this world of ours can sometimes look dark. But I humbly believe we each have the choice and skill level to be competent light magicians.  So, at the very least, you (dear reader) and, me, (hopeful author) will weave some good ol' sunshiney magic together!

Storytelling is a curious affair. It's suffering, elation, terror, madness, and  immense satisfaction in equal parts. But penning a tale that I know others will enjoy? Man, it's the best buzz of all time. I care about my stories precisely because all you awesome folk take the time to read them. I hope you enjoy them for many years to come.
Stay bright, my friends.